High-tech at the service of beauty

eMatrix™ Sublative™ rejuvenation

In Finland one procedure costs 850-910 euros, here 25-150 euros!

New laser for hair removal

Candela™ GentleLASE™ Alexsandrit laser

High technology at the service of beauty

Since 2008, we have started using Syneron™ medical devices in our work which have substantially greater power and effectiveness than other beauty salon devices. All of our devices we work with are original devices which are based on the newest and most innovative ELOS™ and Sublative™ technology owning the CE, FDA and ISO certificates.

Syneron™ ELOS™ and Sublative™ procedures have been widely reported in media and also on TV shows like ”Oprah”, ”Dr.Phil”, ”Dr.OZ”, ”Rachael Ray” and ”Keeping up with the Kardashians”!

  • Notice

    The Syneron Medical Ltd devices are the only ones in the world which are based on the approved and known ELOS™ (certificate no 011962396) technology! Other Chinese devices used in Estonia do not harness the technology of ELOS™ and don’t give you the guaranteed results! The owner of the brand has prohibited other persons to use the brand for marking similar products or services.

    Estex Investment OÜ
    Representative of Syneron Medical Ltd in Estonia

Gift vouchers which have both BEAUTY and LIFE

This is an exciting gift for a friend, relative or a colleague, whether it is Women’s Day, Birthday, Valentine’s Day or some other holiday!

There are flower and herb seeds pressed into the voucher’s paper. Plant the voucher into a flowerpot or in the garden and see what will grow from them! You can also put the seed paper on a plate to sprout – that way you can observe the sprouting of the plants. Moisten the seed paper on the plate (don’t let it dry!) and in few days the first germs will appear. The plants that have already started to grow can be planted into soil easily later on.

Gift vouchers can be purchased on site but we can also send you the voucher via mail, when requested!